The Worst Week of My Life

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There are just seven days to go before Mel (Sarah Alexander) and Howard (Ben Miller) get married in the beautiful grounds of her parent's house. As the week begins, the happy couple are blissfully looking forward to their wedding until a panicky call from Mel's mother, Angela (Alison Steadman) disturbs their tranquil morning. Howard has one task to complete before they visit Mel's parents later that evening, but his office friends throw him a surprise drinks party and things don't quite go to plan. And just when Howard was about to put all that behind him, his colleague Cassie (Raquel Cassidy) drops a bombshell, which leaves his entire office disgusted with him. At Mel's parent's house, things go from bad to worse for Howard. Struggling as ever to impress the in-laws, Howard somehow manages to get caught in a compromising position in the toilet, lock the family pet in the grandfather clock, and climb into the wrong bed for a snuggle.
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12 maart 2004, 00:00
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