The Worst Week of My Life

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There's an uncomfortable atmosphere during breakfast as Howard faces up to the night before and his accidental bedroom liaison with Angela, Mel's mom. Redemption is at hand for Howard however as the long awaited ring finally arrives. Relations seem to be going well until he receives a petrifying call from Cassie, an ex-flame, who decides to profess her wanton desire for Howard, all while Howard is standing less than two feet away from Mel and her parents. Luckily for Howard, the day is broken up by a visit to Ron (John Benfield), his widowed father, but upon arrival Howard and Mel are welcomed by cries for help. A panicked Howard breaks into his father's home only to receive an embarrassing introduction to Ron's latest girlfriend. Back at Mel's parents, Howard discovers the remnants of a familiar ring-bearing box adorning the gnarled teeth of Binky, the family dog. As Howard contemplates how to extricate himself from this latest situation, an encounter with Mel's Father, Dick (Geoffrey Whitehead), over a wall building project gives rise to an unfortunate mishap involving, Howard, a cement mixer, and poor old Binky.
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19 maart 2004, 00:00
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