Now and Again

45 min
Sciencefiction, Komedie
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Film at Eleven

Theo takes Michael with him to a meeting out in the park. He has to leave Michael there when he contact tells him that the POTUS wants to see him. Michael decides that he shall take this moment of freedom to send his wife some flowers for Valentines Day. Having no money he has to the bank and turns up just before the place is robbed. All the customers and staff are locked in the bank vault while the robbers escape. When one of the customers collapses and needs to get to hospital Michael makes a quick decision and uses his strength to open the vault. Unfortunately for him he is caught on camera doing so, something that does not please Theo at all.
Faith PrinceTom O'RourkeAdam LeFevrePolly AdamsGeorge PalermoJohn Joseph GallagherRobb PruittJamey Sheridan(John Sutton), Eddie PepitoneTerrence McCrossanMary Catherine MartinCynthia RomanMichael ZottoPhoebe JonesCindy K. Hsu
Ronald L. Schwary
Uitgezonden op:
11 februari 2000, 00:00
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