Now and Again

45 min
Sciencefiction, Komedie
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Deep in My Heart is a Song

The "New" Michael Wiseman suddenly goes into a catatonic state for no apparent reason, just before a General arrives to see if the project is going well and is still worth funding. In other words at the worst time possible! Dr. Morris can discover no medical reason for Michael's condition and is becoming extremely worried, not even Michael's original medical records reveal anything that could be helpful. Meanwhile we see flashbacks to Michael's original life and see the same thing happen to him then. Not wanting to worry Lisa he doesn't go to his usual doctor and keeps it a secret. With General Irving threatening to either pull the plug on the project or put a new brain in "the" body Dr. Morris is running out of time to save Michael.
La Tanya HallJohn Goodman(John Barnett), Dennis RyanMichael WeaverJohn HartmanTim HopperJames RebhornTimothy DevlinStephen Kunken
Vincent Misiano
Uitgezonden op:
18 februari 2000, 00:00
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