Now and Again

45 min
Sciencefiction, Komedie
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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 13

I Am the Greatest

Theo reveals a big surprise to Michael; he was not the Governments first experiment of his type. There was an army private before him who had the same kind of treatment years earlier. He escaped and vanished into thin air, never to be seen again. Now Theo thinks that he has finally reappeared, as Maceo T. Jones, unbeaten heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Michael's job is to get close enough to the champ to get a DNA sample from him. Once Theo has that in his possession he will be able to prove without a doubt that Maceo is, or isn't, who he thinks he is. Lisa starts her new job as a real estate agent and discovers that it is not going to be as easy as she first thought.
Charles Malik WhitfieldFaith PrinceJason KolotourosD.C. BennyJamey Sheridan(John Sutton), Mary Catherine MartinTeddy Colluca
Vincent Misiano
Uitgezonden op:
28 januari 2000, 00:00
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