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Seizoen 2, Aflevering 16

iMake Sam Girlier

Sam wants lessons from Carly on how to be girlier and be a better person to attract her classmate, Pete. At the end of the episode, Pete arrives at the Groovy Smoothie, ready to go on a date with Sam. The bully at school, Jocelyn also arrives to bother the iCarly team. So Sam beats her up, not knowing that Pete was watching. Meanwhile, Spencer starts sporting his tuxedo daily because he thinks it's the reason why a woman he met likes him. He is convinced later that she doesn't just like him in his tux because she kisses him (even though the tux is still on, so she might just like him with the tux on).
Noah Munck(Gibby Gibson), Valerie Azlynn(Veronica), Joseph Buttler(Mr. Stern), Dylan McLaughlin(Benji), Cynthia Dallas(Jocelyn), Graham Patrick Martin(Pete), Colin Spensor(Wesley)
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11 april 2009, 00:00
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16 jun 2018 03:04 -
super tof ik wil deze nu zo graag weer zien kon dta maar iemAND ENE IEDEE het is zo een leuek vwecht scene