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30 jun 2014 20:12 -
hello mr Dawson i still wait on an message from you, ya know i am an big fan of Austin & Ally, and all i want is one reaction of my question.
where does played that serie Austin & Ally, i know allready it's recorded in Miami Beach, why doesn't you response my mails? plz mr Dawson i'll wait allready 5 day's of one reaction.

greets from wim diepeveen ( from The Netherlands )
25 jun 2014 19:48 -
Hi mr Dawson, i've have to apology for my last email, i don't know if you have outlook, so here's my new email address, hope hear something from you.
wim diepeveen
[email protected]
24 jun 2014 21:55 -
Hi mr Dawson, i'm an very fan of Ally & Austin. Which i'm very happy course i've being in Florida last year in May the 23th. So i knew the place were the serie is recording. I'm living in The Neterlands, place, or city is Hoensbroek. Hope i've getting an mail from you back sire.
these is my email address [email protected]

many greets from wim diepeveen

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Avatar anonymous
01 jan 22:16
Hoi de siert is zo mooi echt heel goed
Austin & Ally