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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 22

Confetti Check A-O.K.

A flashback episode in which Straker recalls his marriage, followed by stormy days as he must work covertly to get SHADO up and running and recruit personnel. All this leaves his wife angry at his absence, suspicious at the things he might be doing (her father photographs Straker meeting a woman in a parking garage, a woman who will be working at SHADO). In the end, she gives birth to their son.
Shane Rimmer(Lt. Bill Johnson), Grant Taylor(General Henderson), Jeremy Wilkin(Skydiver Navigator Lt. Gordon Maxwell), George Sewell(Col. Alec Freeman), Keith Alexander(Lt. Keith Ford), Suzanne Neve(Mary Rutland), Geoffrey Hinsliff(Hotel Clerk), Jeffrey Segal(Monsieur Duval), Tom Oliver(Doctor), Alan Tilvern(U.S. Delegate), Jack May(English Delegate), Michael Forrest(Security Officer), Frank Tregear(Porter), Gordon Sterne(German Delegate), Donald Pelmear(Estate Agent), Michael Nightingale(Mary's Father), Penny Jackson(Nurse)
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10 juli 1971, 00:00
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