The Crystal Maze (2020)

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45 minuten
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Seizoen 1
The Blair family unite to face Maze Master Adam Conover’s series of mind-bending games. Together, they must beat challenges like the...
A family of wrestlers tackle the Maze’s four immersive zones in spectacular games including a crystal-eating dragon and a tricky pipe...
Two brothers and their three kids unite, determined to defeat challenges like the treacherous Boulder Dash as they try to take home the...
The Glenn family takes on the Maze conquering games like the Disappearing Bridge. And their captain Noah faces a big dilemma on whether...
A mom and her daughters travel across the Maze’s four incredible zones facing challenging games like a tricky vine swing for a shot at up...
A family with a hockey-playing daughter and twin sons faces intense games like assembling a wobbly giant panda puzzle in a quest to take...
The Browne family sends a member through a tricky pathway to release a caged crystal and work together to solve a challenging tower...
Three siblings, their dad, and grandmother journey through the Maze’s four fantastical zones battling games like the mysterious...
Two adventurous sisters and their kids venture through the Maze’s four themed zones conquering games like the perilous Planet Walk to...
The treacherous Planet Walk and other nerve-wracking games challenge the Eastman family as they attempt to earn time inside the Crystal...