Temptation Island

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Seizoen 3, Aflevering 7

Episode 307

After the last bonfire, the girls went back to Palmetto and Melissa was the most upset over what she saw and heard from Michael's video. Melissa took off her necklace and dropped it in Giulio's shirt pocket. Stephanie was also upset about what she saw in Anthony's tape. She said it reminded her of when she and Anthony fell in love. She was talking to Jeff by the pool and told him how she missed when Anthony felt the same way about her as he clearly did about Ashley.The next day at Luna, the boys began contemplating who they wanted to pick for their final dates. Michael, surprisingly said that he may pick Ida for his final date and not Tiffany. Mark called everyone together and told the guys they needed to pick their final dates. Mark told them that the dates were overnight dates and were truly ""awesome."" Eric chose first and he selected Ida. But Ida denied him and forced Eric to sit back down while the other guys selected their dates. Jason then selected his date. He chose Amy and she
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Temptation Island