Temptation Island

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Seizoen 3, Aflevering 8

Episode 308

Everyone returned back to the island and Kara especially wondered what the experience did for Jason. Mark brought the girls together and told them they had 5-10 final minutes before the singles would leave and they would go to the final bonfire. Kara was worried about the bonfire, while Stephanie and Jeff embraced and Melissa and Jerome soaked up their last moments together in a paddle boat. Melissa said she didn't want to go to the bonfire, but instead wanted to stay on the island with Jerome. Over at Luna, the guys took a few final moments with their single girls before they went to the final bonfire. Ashley broke down crying before Anthony left. At the final bonfire, Jason met up with Mark first. He waited patiently for Kara as Mark talked to him about his experience. Mark said he really watched Jason grow up over the time. Jason said he finally saw what he needed to change, his anger, etc. in order to better himself for his girlfriend and their life together. Mark then brought Kara
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29 september 2003, 00:00
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Temptation Island