7.3 / 10
43 min
Drama, Thriller, Avontuur
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Seizoen 1
Sixteen international contestants are dropped by helicopter into an unpopulated Siberian wilderness. With only the clothes on their...
A shocking announcement comes with the loss of another contestant, while those who remain are dealing with deception and drama, including...
The group have to pick up the pieces after a devastating fire. As some deal with feelings of lust, others are anxious about surviving in...
A mysterious light appears in the Siberian night sky and seems to alter the intimate relationships that the contestants are beginning to...
The contestants grow suspicious of one another; Esther proves herself a strategic player; Carolina reveals a shocking truth; and a...
Johnny, Joyce and Daniel tell the others about the bloody scene they found at the abandoned producers' base camp; some of the contestants...
One contestant seems on the brink of insanity and needs to be restrained, while another comes close to death as everyone must deal with...
With the sudden and mysterious disappearance of some contestants, and those remaining split into two groups to find help or rescue,...
Joyce, Daniel, Sam, and Johnny look for power at the research station and make a horrifying and grisly discovery. Meanwhile back at the...
Neeko, Miljan and Sabina are abducted by a hostile local tribe and fearing for their lives make a surprising discovery at natives' camp....
In the season finale, a reunion of the contestants marks a possibility of hope and salvation; but the eventual arrival of the rescue...