Hidden (2018)

7.5 / 10
50 min
Misdaad, Mysterie
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Seizoen 1
When the body of a young woman is found in a local river, it becomes obvious that sinister secrets lie within the stunning North Wales...
Cadi and Owen investigate a possible link to another girl who disappeared. Megan hides her difficulties from friends and family. Dylan...
Marc is questioned by the police. Cadi avoids talking to her father or sisters about his condition. Megan tries to take catch up with her...
Dylan and Iona clash regarding Megan. Mari and Ryan continue the questioning procedure, but Mari deviates from protocol.
Cadi and Owen discover a possible connection to an old case, which Cadi's father investigated. Lowri tries to return to her normal routine.
Cadi questions Endaf in prison about the murder he was convicted for. Owen reviews the older case files and receives a new missing...
Cadi and Owen search for new evidence in Endaf's case, which was originally headed by Cadi's father Huw. Dylan works with Matthew at his...
With Dylan on the run, the investigating team attempt to put together an exact timeline of his actions and find further evidence.
Seizoen 2
After receiving an anonymous call leading police to the body of an old man who has been decaying for weeks, DCI Cadi John and DS Owen...
DCI Cadi John and DS Owen Vaughan pay Karl Lewis a visit. Mia tries to draw Connor closer to her.
The community comes together to pay its respects to Geraint Ellis. Mia succeeds in drawing Connor closer to her.
DCI Cadi John has to release Karl Lewis because of a lack of evidence. Mia, Connor and Lee cause trouble for Hefin, Beca and Sion at the...
Hefin discovers Sion Wells' body at the petrol station, meaning DCI Cadi John and DS Owen Vaughan now have to deal with two separate...
DCI Cadi John and DS Owen Vaughan succeed in apprehending Mia, Lee and Connor, but there is only a hollow sense of victory.