Gran Hotel

8.4 / 10
75 min
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The Footprint

Alicia is about to run away with Julio, but a new revelation around Cristina's death makes him want to return to the Grand Hotel to try to find out who killed his sister. That hurts Alicia, who feels rejected, and brings her closer to Diego, who, shrewdly, maneuvers to seduce her and make her voluntarily go to the altar, as the wedding date is getting closer. Time is running out and Julio will be forced to choose between the love he feels for Alicia or discover who his sister's murderer was. In the Alarcón family, things are not easy either. It is increasingly difficult for Sofia to fake her pregnancy before her husband, and Javier is in the hands of Diego, who has discovered his business with the smuggling spirit. Meanwhile, Belén, once free of Catalina and much better located in the Gran Hotel, rejects Andrés ... until something totally unexpected happens that turns the situation around and makes everything change, not just for her, but for all who live in the Grand Hotel.
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6 december 2011, 22:30
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