Gran Hotel

8.4 / 10
75 min
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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 8

The Blood of the Maid

After the death of Cristina, Teresa is determined to make it appear that this death has been an accident to end the problems caused by Cristina Olmedo once and for all. But, both Detective Ayala and Julio will begin to suspect those manipulations and try to discover what really happened. The hotel is not only shocked by the death of Cristina Olmedo, but by the return of Diego Murquía. The former director will do everything possible to recover his former position and the commitment he had with Alicia ... something that affects her very deeply. He has already kissed Julio and feels closer and closer to him. Meanwhile, in the world of service, Bethlehem is still facing Catalina, whom she sees as a threat to all her interests, and will not stop until she can get rid of it anyway.
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