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Seizoen 1
The Heroine wakes up on august 1st, with no memories of who she is or where she's been. A mysterious boy named "Orion" appears before...
Orion tells Heroine to keep her memory loss a secret as she doesn't know who to trust. At the restaurant a firework, sparks part of her...
Shin has figured out that Heroine has lost her memory. He attempts to jog her memory by taking her to familiar places and talking about...
The staff of Meido no Hitsuji decides to have a fireworks party, during which Shin finally tells Heroine the truth of her accident. He...
Heroine is confused on why she was sent back in time. Orion appears before trying to explain but disappears before she is able to...
Heroine doesn't know which Ikki's personality is real, and she meets a man that advises her watch her back.
Heroine suddenly appears outside her apartment, and receives a text message from Kent, who says to meet up at the café. Heroine is...
Toma has been taking care of Heroine after she has passed out. Toma has continued to take care of her after a series of unknown threats....
After the incident where the Heroine encountered Ikki's fan, she was isolated in Toma's house for few days. Every time she woke up, she...
The Heroine finally arrives home, where she is able to open her diary by using her bobby pin where she sees that she had written that she...
Ukyo is claiming to be Heroine's lover, and he warns her that the world is trying to kill her. But can Ukyo be trusted when he is...
The evil Ukyo goal is to kill Heroine, as she runs for her life a battle wages inside of Ukyo.
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