Karim Zeroual

Karim Zeroual

Leeftijd23geboren op14 november 1999 in London, United Kingdom
If you’ve got little ones you’ll probably recognise Karim Zeroual from CBBC HQ, where he’s a familiar face known for presenting BBC Young Dancer and Wimbledon LIVE. He’s also fronted Ten Pieces Party Live Lesson events with the BBC National Orchestra and hosted interviews at CBBC Summer Social events with a range of amazing children’s authors. But before he was making waves in presenting, Karim went to theatre school in London, building up a passion for acting and performing from a young age. He’s since starred in EastEnders, Da Vinci’s Demons and The Sparticle Mystery, as well as on stage in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Lion King. He’s also appeared on Blue Peter, Top Class and Saturday Mash-Up, and is currently working on a travel and sport documentary for CBBC called A Week to Beat the World.
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