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Afleveringen 55 Degrees North

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Seizoen 1
A new police drama about an ambitious young detective who's relocated from London to Newcastle. Keen to make a good impression, Det Sgt Nicky Cole goes in pursuit of...
Nicky Cole tries to trap a brothel owner, and investigates after a straightforward break-in at a student flat ends with a knife attack. When he questions a local...
A shopkeeper's efforts to punish a young shoplifter backfire, and a father's personal protest over access rights to his children causes traffic chaos.
After a drunken night out, Astel discovers he's hit something - or someone - with his car. Nicky, meanwhile, gets some unexpected attention from Claire.
Nicky, under investigation for corruption, discovers that the person who reported him is the only one who can help clear his name. Convinced Carter wants him out,...
Nicky and the team go undercover in a local nightclub to catch a serial date rapist.
Seizoen 2
Nicky is under pressure to find out who's behind serious threats to local scientists before Yates makes a quick arrest to impress the Chief. Astel and Clark find they...
A series of dangerous robberies hits the city. When Nicky’s team manages to blow the robbers cover, the situation escalades and Nicky finds himself in a potentially...
The victim of a serious assault dies. Nicky has two suspects, and has to establish which of them struck the fatal blow.
Claire receives several death treats against her and her newborn child, after she opens a land rights case. Nicky and his team face a complicated situation, because...
Nicky, Matty and Errol go to Lindesfarne for a few days off. The trip doesn’t turn out the way expected as Errol is arrested for murder of a young woman.
A Community Support Officer accidentally causes trouble and Nicky has his hands full trying to find this guy.
Nicky's drug-dealing brother Adam is out of jail and is searching for him. Meanwhile Matty and Errol have some trouble of their own when they meet an old friend from...
The season's two finale episodes finds Nicky facing a race against time to catch two of Newcastle's most notorious crime families. However, it turns out that someone...
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