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After a UFO inexplicably destroys itself less than two miles from Moonbase, a mysterious crystal rock is recovered, and it causes the person in its vicinity to hallucinate. The man on Moonbase who found it thinks Mexican bandits have taken over Moonbase. It gets transferred to Straker's office, and he hallucinates that SHADO is simply a set for a TV series, he is an actor named Mr. Burns, Moonbase can be reached by stepping through two doors from the main control room at SHADO HQ, and ""Mr. Straker"" is not available. Straker breaks the hallucination by jumping in on the scene while the ""character"" Gen. Henderson is doing a close-up of the line they were doing when the hallucination began.
Basil Dignam(Cabinet Minister), Wanda Ventham(Colonel Virginia Lake), Grant Taylor(General Henderson), Norma Ronald(Miss Ealand), Michael Billington(Col. Paul Foster), Steven BerkoffAl ManciniPhilip Madoc(Steven Rutland), Stanley McGeagh(SHADO Guard), John LyonsCharles TingwellAnouska HempelStuart DamonRicardo MontezCraig Hunter(G.S.P. 4 Pilot Hudson), Larry Taylor(Mexican Bandit), James Marcus(SHADO Operative), Stephan Chase(Film Director), Norton Clarke(1st Assistant Director), Paul Greaves(2nd Assistant Director)
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13 January 1971, 00:00
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