The Highwayman

6.6 / 10
43 min
Drama, Avontuur
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43 minuten
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A government agent in a supertruck named "Stealth" that is loaded with ultra-high-tech weapons and a helicopter travels the highways,...
When Steve, a fellow Highwayman, is murdered, his friend Highway investigates, and uncovers some sinister goings on at a local, secretive...
The Highwayman is assigned to transport a supposedly dead alien body from a U.F.O. crash site to a research lab. But a reporter is...
Highway breaks Cody Teague, his friend and mentor from Vietnam, out of prison for stealing an armored car, of which Highway is certain he...
Highway and Jetto travel back in time to 1945, to rescue Ms. Winthrop, who has not returned after pursuing a twisted genius who is intent...
Highway befriends a strange but friendly man called Mac, who is promptly snatched away by the Army. Investigating just what is going on,...
When a dead body drained of blood and missing organs is uncovered, Highway and Jetto are sent in to investigate, and are soon on the...
Mafia crime-lord Manetti's men use a high-tech machine that can read agents' minds, to try and find the one man that is set to testify...
After an accident, Jetto's mind reverts back to five years previously, when he was double-crossed by comrades in battle, who turned out...
When an American Indian is accused of murder, Highway and Jetto investigate and stumble onto a long-forgotten gold mine, and an ancient...
The mysterious Highwayman becomes involved when a biker gang called ‘The Bullets’ rob a small-town bank, with their leader, Bo Ziker,...