Temptation Island

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Seizoen 2, Aflevering 7

Episode 207

This episode opens with a brief recap of some of the dramas that are unfolding in each resort. Catherine feels guilty over the looming vote off because she picked Tony for her next date instead of Rossi. Kristen S. feels emotional but secure because she does not think that Tommy would vote her off. Hilary wants to smooth things over with Edmundo. When they talk, Edmundo admits that he regrets not choosing her for his next date because he expected her to be around until the end of the island experience. Catherine and Rossi discuss why she did not choose him for her next date. She feels that Rossi gets in her head and makes her confront issues that she does not want to deal with. Rossi tells her to stop it and just be honest. She expresses feelings for other people and she knows that is what this experience is all about. The four couples take off on day dates. Tony and Catherine's date takes them sailing around a turquoise bay. Tony tells Catherine that his goal was to date her and now t
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Temptation Island