Temptation Island

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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 6

Goodbye Singles/Hello Final Date

This episode opens on Day 10. It's morning at Mata Chica, the women's resort, but today, instead of the usual blazing, golden sun, and crystal, blue skies, heavy clouds hang over the island…a sign perhaps, of the gloomy feelings dogging the days' events. At Captain Morgan's Retreat, the men have already chosen the single girls they want to accompany them on their final, exotic dream dates. Now, it's the women's turn. Mandy, Valerie, and Shannon are forced into narrowing their field of singles down to just one; ""the one"" who will accompany them on their final, intense dream date. Mark gathers the three women on the beach, and calls for the single men to line up at the water's edge. But, before Mark has the girls reveal their choices, he turns to Valerie and Shannon and says, ""Mandy wanted to ask your permission for something that she wanted to do. The rules were, that you could only go on the final date with someone you've already dated. Mandy wants to know if you will allow her to incl
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21 februari 2001, 00:00
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Temptation Island