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Fantasy, Animatie
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Bakeneko - Part 1

In the Edo period, the young daughter of a samurai family is planning to marry, but not for love. Her father, while being a good man, is financially incompetent and too madly in love with her mother to refuse her anything, drowning the family in debt. To save themselves from disgrace and the poor-house, her parents and the head of family decide to sell her marriage to clear these debts. While waiting for the agreed upon time to leave for her new husband's home, a strange, nameless medicine peddler arrives and enters the house, its entrance left unguarded in the rush to prepare for the wedding. Heading immediately to the servant's quarters he meets Kayo, a young servant girl, who explains the situation after he shows her some "marriage aid" charms. Her bravery and good sense continue to aid him throughout the storyline.
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Kenji Nakamura
Uitgezonden op:
10 Maart 2006, 00:45
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