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Afleveringen Detective Inspector Irene Huss

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The only worthwhile lead Detective Inspector Irene Huss has to go on is a striking tattoo on the torso. Her investigations lead her to Copenhagen, where she is plunged...
Once DI Irene Huss arrives on the scene, it soon turns out that what appeared to be a tragic suicide is actually a brutal murder, and the victim is one of Gothenburg’s...
Gothenburg is struck by a series of fires. Irene Huss starts investigating an arson case that may be connected to an event that occurred fifteen years ago, a tragic...
A blackout leaves the distinguished halls of the Löwanderska Hospital in complete darkness. Doctor Sverker Löwander hears the alarm when one of the ventilators go...
In a small village near Gothenburg, three members of the Schyttelius family are brutally murdered in their respective homes, and the victims’ blood is used to draw...
An online poker company promises fame and fortune. When the bubble bursts, it’s not only the dream of big money that bites the dust: three separate men are all...
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Two boy scouts find a woman's body buried in a desolate field. Irene Huss and her team begin to investigate the case. As the investigation continues they discover more...
A bike messenger sees a girl brutally attacked and dragged into a van. She alerts the police immediately, but unfortunately the girl is found too late. Detective...
An elderly man crossing the street, gets hit by a stolen car. A police car takes up the hunt for the car but the perpetrators get away. The stolen car is found later...
A young man is found dead, dumped in a container. The body is naked, bloody and battered. An autopsy shows the victim was GHB in the body and have suffered whiplash,...
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Geen omschrijving bekend
Geen omschrijving bekend
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