Big Time Rush

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Big Time Concert

In the eye of their first album release, Griffin, the head of the record label, cancels the album, tour, and concert, forcing them to return to Minnesota, which threatens to break up their life-long friendships. James gets mad and he's got 3 record deal, and joins Hawk, Gustavo's Arch-Rival. Gustavo has to pay back to Griffin $2,000,000 to get back Big Time Rush, and to get them to come back and to finally perform concert. They come back to the LA, and they cannot stay in the Palmwoods again, so they all start living in the Rocque Records "RocqueWoods". James does not want to come back to Big Time Rush so they open an audition for the new James, but they can find anyone and James comes back and they prepare for the concert
Challen Cates(Jennifer Knight), Tanya Chisholm(Kelly Wainwright), Erin Sanders(Camille Roberts), Rachel Quaintance(Roberta), Katelyn Tarver(Jo Taylor), Matt Riedy(Arthur Griffin), Phil LaMarr(Hawk), Ed Brigadier(Sebastian), Camilla Luddington(Rebecca), Ed Begley Jr.(Self)
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Big Time Rush