Alan Igbon

Alan Igbon

Leeftijd68geboren op29 mei 1952 in Manchester, England
Of West African and Irish heritage, jobbing actor Alan Igbon has been a familiar figure on our screens since his teenage years when he landed the role of Meakin in Alan Clarke's 1979 film, Scum. Most famously, Igbon starred as Loggo in the seminal drama The Boys From The Blackstuff. Penned by Alan Bleasdale, it was the start of a working relationship that saw Igbon appear in several other productions from the writer, including GBH and Blood on the Dole. Other credits include the rasta Sheldon in the comedy series The Front Line, a student in Alan Bennett's Me! I'm Afraid of Vrginia Woolf and a minder to ex Boys co-star Michael Angelis in the third series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. He has also appeared in the soaps Brookside and Coronation Street (twice; firstly in 1975 as Ian Stewart, and then in 2003 as Tony Stewart) and the films Babylon and Water.
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