Myrna Velasco

Myrna Velasco

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Though Myrna was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, she would have never really known that growing up. She spent must of her childhood in Tijuana, Baja California with her grandmother or on her family ranch in Acton, California. In her early teens her family moved to the quiet suburbs of Santa Clarita, where out of boredom Myrna gravitated to rock music and the stage. She dabbled in dance for many years, but never really finding the exact creative expression she was looking for; she found herself reading plays out loud in her room. Though it was very clear that acting was her first love, she had many doubts in her ability to "make it" in the field, and opted to go to college for a degree in writing. By her final year, when asked what she wanted her thesis to be the only response she could give was, "Acting." Myrna forsake the college degree to fully dedicate herself to pursuing a career in the booming film industry that was in her very own backyard. From the get go, she's had many success commercially: being featured next to in a Coca-Cola campaign, she also flaunts her Mexican roots with several Spanish Market campaigns ranging from McDonalds to Chevy. Theatrically, Myrna has had the privilege to work on versatile roles in both film and television. She's been everything from a gun toting thug to a blushing bride, a nerdy burger girl to a bratty high school drama queen.
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