Rachel Eggleston

Rachel Eggleston

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Rachel Hope Eggleston is often described as an old soul. From an early age it was apparent that she had a love for performing and entertaining people. At the tender age of three, she was dancing and participating in musical theatre. It was clear that she had an attention span and work ethic far beyond her years. Rachel began her professional career in the fall of 2010. Off to a great start, she booked her first national commercial that she auditioned for and has been working consistently ever since. She has appeared in many national commercials for companies such as Walmart, Allstate and Audi and had roles in a number of big television shows. The spring of 2012 brought exciting new opportunities as well as some serious acting experience. Rachel landed her first role as a series regular in the ABC show How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) (2013). Rachel also secured a lead role in the feature film Summer Snow (2014). Since those early days Rachel has continued to work and enjoy the many exciting experiences that have continued to come her way in television and film. Despite Rachel's talent and love for acting, she is really just a regular kid with a sweet spirit who loves to dance, swim, play tennis and spend time at home relaxing with friends, her parents and two older brothers.
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