The Palace

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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 7

Episode 7

Simon reads Abi’s book while Abi helps the man she loves, King Richard. He is choosing jewellery for sister Issy’s 18th birthday. Simon confronts Abi about the book. He tells her he understands where her true feelings lie. They are clearly with King Richard not him. Abi takes him into the privacy of her office, past a nosy Lucy. She tries to convince Simon that she is trying to stop the book and that she is no longer writing it. She begs him not to make it public. Meanwhile, Princess Issy tells her friend Bella that her family and the Palace staff are suffocating her, she’s had enough. They tell their housemistress they’re leaving. Issy is wired and edgy; there’s trouble in store. David refuses Issy entry to see her brother and she’s furious. It’s yet another example of her being squashed by the Palace machine. Issy, determined to be heard, goes to Sir Iain and hands back her HRH status. But Sir Iain is unimpressed, she’s made a fuss before. Issy briefs Bella on how she must record everything she says on her camcorder. She’s going to give a speech that’ll make the whole family sit up and finally notice her.
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25 februari 2008, 00:00
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