Silent Witness

8.2 / 10
60 min
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Seizoen 9, Aflevering 5

The Meaning of Death (1)

A girl, Lucy Philips, has been kidnapped, but when her father tries to give the money to the kidnappers it is not collected. Later the girl's body is found in a storm drain pipe. It turns out she was killed before the ransom note was even delivered. Harry visits the scene where a young woman, Dawn, has died in three inches of water in a paddling pool, and her expensive necklace has disappeared. The team start to suspect the two women have been killed by the same person. Could there be a serial killer on the loose? Dawn's sister contacts the police. The expensive necklace has been found in her daughter's toy box. Harry realises that there has been no murder, the death was just a tragic accident. Meanwhile Nikki is determined to track down the murderer of Lucy Philips, even if she has to come face to face with the murderer himself.
Leo BillEmilia FoxRory KinnearTom Ward
Bryn Higgins
Uitgezonden op:
8 augustus 2005, 21:00
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