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The Siege (1)

Still held captive by the deranged Matthew Blaisdel, Blake and his family wait helplessly as Blaisdel's obsession for Krystle grows dangerously stronger. Witnessing Alexis' car plunge into the river, a handsome and mysterious stranger rescues her from the rushing current. Unaware of the tragedies that face their family, Adam and Dana are on their private jet, en route to their honeymoon paradise. Alone in her bedroom, Blaisdel takes Krystle and reminds her of their past love .for each other, promising things will be that way once again. Fallon's car is found abandoned in the desert. Receiving word of his wife's disappearance, Jeff rushes to the scene. Searching several miles from the car, Jeff finds her unconscious by the side of the road. Allowed to leave the mansion to secure a fortune in cash for Blaisdel's trip back to Peru, Blake overpowers his guard and goes for help. Determined to thank her mysterious rescuer, Alexis finds the man she feels indebted to, but is dismayed by his ca
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Don Medford
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23 september 1987, 00:00
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