Karl Knutson

Karl Knutson

Leeftijdgeboren op in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
28 year-old Karl Knutson was born into the gold mining life. His father Marty came to Dawson City from North Vancouver, BC in 1980 and established himself as a major player in the Yukon gold mining industry. Karl’s mother Maryann is First Nations, a heritage that Karl is proud to share. Karl works in the family business with his childhood buddies as his crew. He has a house in Dawson with his girlfriend Victoria and his faithful sidekick Lennox, a half cocker spaniel, half Karelian bear dog. Last season Karl earned Marty’s respect, proving he could manage the Sulphur Creek mine. This season his sights are set on opening a new mine on Last Chance Creek and making it profitable.
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