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The Tomorrow People 1x18 Promo "Smoke and Mirrors" (HD)

The Tomorrow People 1x18 "Smoke and Mirrors" - Fed up with Jedikiah's (Mark Pellegrino) constant lies about his father, Stephen (Robbie Amell) makes a choice about his alliances. Trusting in Ultra and Hillary (guest star Alexa Vega), Stephen wants to bring in a break-out to Ultra to see if things have really changed, much to Cara's (Peyton List) dismay. Meanwhile, Stephen's brother (guest star Jacob Kogan) goes missing after Jedikiah forces Stephen to protect him. Luke Mitchell and Aaron Yoo also star. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Jeff Rake and Leigh Dana Jackson (#118). Subscribe to tvpromosdb on YouTube for more The Tomorrow People season 1 promos in HD!

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The Tomorrow People 1x18 Promo/Preview "Smoke and Mirrors"
The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 18 Promo
The Tomorrow People 1x18 Promo "Smoke and Mirrors" (HD)

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The Tomorrow People