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Afleveringen Breaking Bad

Hieronder vind je het overzicht van de afleveringen die uit zijn gekomen en/of die nog uit moeten komen voor de serie Breaking Bad.

Ook is er de mogelijkheid aan te geven welke afleveringen je al hebt gezien, zodat je niet meer hoeft te onthouden bij welke aflevering je bent. Tegelijkertijd kun je zien hoeveel tijd je al aan het kijken van de serie hebt besteed.

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Seizoen 1

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Afl. 01
20 jan 2008
When an unassuming high school chemistry teacher discovers he has a rare form of lung cancer, he decides to team up with a former student and create a top of the line... Lees verder
Afl. 02
27 jan 2008
Walt and Jesse attempt to tie up loose ends. The desperate situation gets more complicated with the flip of a coin. Walt's wife, Skyler, becomes suspicious of Walt's... Lees verder
Walter fights with Jesse over his drug use, causing him to leave Walter alone with their captive, Krazy-8. Meanwhile, Hank has a scared straight moment with Walter Jr.... Lees verder
Afl. 04
17 feb 2008
Walter finally tells his family that he has been stricken with cancer. Meanwhile, the DEA believes Albuquerque has a new, big time player to worry about. Meanwhile, a... Lees verder
Afl. 05
24 feb 2008
Walter and Skyler attend a former colleague's party. Jesse tries to free himself from the drugs, while Skyler organizes an intervention. Lees verder
Afl. 06
2 mrt 2008
The side effects of chemo begin to plague Walt. Meanwhile, the DEA rounds up suspected dealers. Lees verder
Afl. 07
9 mrt 2008
Walter accepts his new identity as a drug dealer after a PTA meeting. Elsewhere, Jesse decides to put his aunt's house on the market and Skyler is the recipient of a... Lees verder

Seizoen 2

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Afl. 01
8 mrt 2009
Walt and Jesse are vividly reminded of Tuco’s volatile nature, and try to figure a way out of their business partnership. Hank attempts to mend fences between the... Lees verder
Afl. 02
15 mrt 2009
Walt and Jesse find themselves in close quarters with an unhinged Tuco. Marie and Hank comfort Skyler, who is distraught over Walt’s disappearance. Hank pays a visit... Lees verder
Afl. 03
22 mrt 2009
Walt and Jesse cover their tracks, but as a result, both of their financial situations suffer. Meanwhile, Hank and his DEA colleagues may have a break in their meth... Lees verder
Afl. 04
29 mrt 2009
Walt tries to reconnect with his family. Still suspicious of her husband's actions, Skyler keeps her distance. Jesse finds himself without a place to live and... Lees verder
Afl. 05
5 apr 2009
Tensions and bills mount at the White household. Hank makes progress at work, but struggles with some residual effects from his encounter with Tuco. Jesse takes charge... Lees verder
Afl. 06
12 apr 2009
Om zijn reputatie te beschermen gaat Jesse achter de berovers van zijn dealer aan. Gretchen brengt een bezoekje aan de familie White.  Lees verder
Afl. 07
19 apr 2009
Rumors fly about Jesse's recent actions as he and Walt discuss expanding their business into new territories. Hank struggles to fit in with his new co-workers in El... Lees verder
Afl. 08
26 apr 2009
When Badger finds himself in trouble with the law, Walt and Jesse seek the legal advice of a shady attorney, Saul Goodman. The DEA believe they may have finally caught... Lees verder
Afl. 09
3 mei 2009
After Walt undergoes a PET-CT scan, he and his family wait for news about his cancer treatment progress. Fearing the worst, Walt follows Saul's advice to cook as much... Lees verder
Afl. 10
10 mei 2009
Walt and Hank get into a heated argument at a party the Whites host to thank friends and family for their support over the last few months. A stir-crazy Walt consumes... Lees verder
Afl. 11
17 mei 2009
When Walt and Jesse's crew of dealers begins to dwindle, Saul proposes a new business partner. Meanwhile, Skyler makes a disturbing discovery at work and confronts... Lees verder
Afl. 12
24 mei 2009
The Whites welcome a new addition. Walter Jr. launches a new website in an effort to aid his struggling family. Jesse's addiction begins to spiral out of control. Jane... Lees verder
Afl. 13
31 mei 2009
Skyler and Walt collide in the season finale as her frustration with his secrecy finally comes to a head. Jesse self-destructs after a personal blow, forcing Walt to... Lees verder

Seizoen 3

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Afl. 01
21 mrt 2010
Walt heeft te maken met de nasleep van de vliegtuigcrash en een steeds kwadere Skyler, die peinst over de volgende stap in haar leven en dat van haar kinderen.... Lees verder
Afl. 02
28 mrt 2010
Ondanks hoogoplopende spanningen tussen Skyler en hem, haalt Walt alles uit de kast om zijn gezin bij elkaar te houden. Walt Jr. haalt uit naar zijn moeder. Saul doet... Lees verder
Afl. 03
4 apr 2010
Walt trekt zich niets aan van Skylers eisen, waardoor hij haar steeds verder van zich af duwt. Saul smeekt Jesse om Walt over te halen weer te gaan koken. Op zijn werk... Lees verder
Afl. 04
11 apr 2010
Walt draait door als hij Skylers nieuws hoort en brengt daarmee zijn baan en zijn relaties met Saul en Jesse in gevaar. Hank stort zich volledig op zijn onderzoek naar... Lees verder
Afl. 05
18 apr 2010
Gus intensiveert zijn pogingen om Walt weer aan het koken te krijgen, waardoor Walt en Jesse in een conflict raken. Skyler twijfelt over haar nieuwe relatie met Ted.... Lees verder
Afl. 06
25 apr 2010
Walt neemt zijn nieuwe lab in gebruik. Walt Jr. wil antwoord op vragen over de relatie tussen zijn ouders. De Mexicaanse neven jagen het personeel van Gus’... Lees verder
Afl. 07
2 mei 2010
Een woedende Hank gaat de confrontatie aan met Jesse en komt in de problemen op zijn werk. Skyler wil dat Walt actie onderneemt om Hank te helpen. Walts nieuwe... Lees verder
Afl. 08
9 mei 2010
De familie wacht op nieuws over Hank. Walt vervangt zijn lab-assistent en probeert Gus tevreden te houden. In het ziekenhuis ziet Walt één van de Mexicaanse neven en... Lees verder
Afl. 09
16 mei 2010
As Hank's hospital bills stack up, Skyler hatches a plan. Walt and Gus come to a better understanding. Jesse, looking for more independence, pursues a new opportunity. Lees verder
Afl. 10
23 mei 2010
Walt becomes obsessed with a contaminant in the lab and refuses to finish the cook until it is eliminated. A frustrated Jesse attempts to get Walt back on track. Lees verder
Afl. 11
30 mei 2010
Skyler gets more involved in Walt's business, much to his chagrin. Hank struggles with his recovery. Jesse takes an active role in his new enterprise, leading him to a... Lees verder
Afl. 12
6 jun 2010
Against Walt's advice, Jesse lashes out. Fearing for Jesse's safety, Walt takes drastic action to intervene. A tragic event leads to a shocking confrontation. Lees verder
Afl. 13
13 jun 2010
With Jesse on the run and Mike in hot pursuit, Walt negotiates a bargain with Gus and concocts a disturbing plan to provide for his and Jesse's safety. Lees verder

Seizoen 4

 Selecteer hele seizoen
Afl. 01
17 jul 2011
Walt and Jesse face the deadly consequences of their actions. Skyler deals with a puzzling disappearance, as Marie struggles to help Hank with his recovery. Lees verder
Afl. 02
24 jul 2011
Walt attempts to form a new alliance as he plans his next move. Skyler pushes Walt towards a business opportunity, in hopes of protecting the family. Lees verder
Afl. 03
31 jul 2011
Events spiral out of control at Jesse’s place. Skyler reluctantly asks for Saul’s help. Marie returns to an old pastime and a friend asks Hank for help. Lees verder
Afl. 04
7 aug 2011
The Cartel takes steps to gain the upper hand. Walt and Skyler share an embarrassing secret with the rest of the family. Jesse’s activities draw unwanted attention. Lees verder
Afl. 05
14 aug 2011
When Jesse goes missing, Walt fears the worst. Skyler has an unlikely reunion. Hank shares some bad news with Detective Tim Roberts. Lees verder
Afl. 06
21 aug 2011
Skyler makes an unsettling discovery. Walter, Jr. pushes his dad into a questionable purchase. Jesse offers Mike some unexpected help. Lees verder
Afl. 07
28 aug 2011
A frustrated Walt gambles on a risky new plan. Skyler's business venture hits a snag. Hank recruits Walter, Jr. for an unusual outing. Lees verder
Afl. 08
4 sep 2011
Skyler develops an unusual solution to her money troubles. Hank enlists Walt to investigate a theory. Walt’s impatience with Jesse grows. Lees verder
Afl. 09
11 sep 2011
Skyler's past mistakes come back to haunt her. Gus takes action to thwart his rivals. Jesse seeks Walt's help, with mixed results. Lees verder
Afl. 10
18 sep 2011
Walt's family worries when he doesn't turn up for Walter, Jr.'s 16th birthday. Jesse is forced to put his lab skills to the test without Mr. White's help. Lees verder
Afl. 11
25 sep 2011
Walt takes drastic action to protect his secret and Gus. Skyler's efforts to solve Ted's financial problems hit a wall. Lees verder
Afl. 12
2 okt 2011
Hank pushes Gomez to pursue one last lead, while Walt struggles to protect the family. Jesse gets alarming news and rushes to meet with Mr. White. Lees verder
Afl. 13
9 okt 2011
Walt and Jesse team up to take on Gus. With Saul's help, Walt finds an unexpected ally. Lees verder

Seizoen 5

 Selecteer hele seizoen
Afl. 01
15 jul 2012
As Walt deals with the aftermath of the Casa Tranquila explosion, Hank works to wrap up his investigation of Gus' empire. Lees verder
Afl. 02
22 jul 2012
Walt and Jesse seek out an unlikely partner for a new business venture. The DEA follows up new leads in its investigation. Lees verder
Afl. 03
29 jul 2012
Walt and Jesse put a business plan into action. Walt confesses a secret to Marie. Lees verder
Afl. 04
5 aug 2012
Walt celebrates another birthday. Skyler considers her options. An associate complicates Walt and Jesse's plan. Lees verder
Afl. 05
12 aug 2012
Walt's team must get creative to obtain the materials they need to continue their operation. Lees verder
Afl. 06
19 aug 2012
Walt, Jesse, and Mike struggle over the future of their business, as occupational hazards weigh on Jesse. Lees verder
Afl. 07
26 aug 2012
Walt takes control of business matters as Mike grapples with the consequences of his actions. Lees verder
Afl. 08
2 sep 2012
Walt ties up loose ends. Seeing the evidence of his success, he makes a startling and dangerous decision. Lees verder
Afl. 09
11 aug 2013
As Walt and Jesse adjust to life out of the business, Hank grapples with a troubling lead. Lees verder
Afl. 10
18 aug 2013
While Skyler's past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt. Lees verder
Afl. 11
25 aug 2013
Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand. Lees verder
Afl. 12
1 sep 2013
An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything. Lees verder
Afl. 13
8 sep 2013
Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways. Lees verder
Afl. 14
15 sep 2013
Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances. Lees verder
Afl. 15
22 sep 2013
Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion. Lees verder
Afl. 16
29 sep 2013
All bad things must come to an end. Lees verder