The Palace

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Seizoen 1, Aflevering 5

Episode 5

Eleanor presents her mother with a controversial diamond necklace taken from the Raj but one with great sentimental value to Charlotte. During the high-profile exchange of gifts Richard is happy to see his Mother finally arrive. But Sir Iain notes that she’s wearing the rock and the Indians aren’t going to be pleased. The next day’s papers demand the diamond be returned to India. Sir Iain is infuriated at the damage this could do for diplomatic and political relations- there’s a lot riding on the success of the visit. Richard is unhappy with the dry Foreign office speech. Abi makes it clear that keeping the diamond isn’t an option Ð although the choice is his. He’s worried about Charlotte and asks her to re-write it for him. Abi suggests he change the speech to honour his mother Ð but Richard wonders if he should be giving it back at all.
James ThorntonChristine Bottomley
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11 februari 2008, 00:00
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