The World's Toughest Driving Tests

52 min
Komedie, Documentaire, Reality
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Romania: TR-85 Main Battle Tank

Actor Will Mellor and presenter Kirsten O'Brien take on the ultimate driving challenge, travelling the globe learning to drive and race the world's biggest, most expensive and hardest-to-master vehicles in a bid to find out who is the better driver. To begin, Will and Kirsten go head to head and battle it out in the Romanian Army's frontline combat tank, the TR-85, but first they must undergo a week's hard graft in sub-zero conditions under the scrutiny of Captain Oancea. It takes twelve weeks to train a tank driver, but Will and Kirsten have just three days to master the skills needed to race against each other at the end of the week. Will's first short, sharp, shock is swapping his celebrity mansion for a shared army barracks with three burly Romanian soldiers. For Kirsten the reality of driving a machine built for war is a real concern, but she learns to respect the men who drive the tanks and is determined to see her duel with Will through to its nail-biting conclusion. They must endure temperatures of minus 17, handle real firearms and face a combat situation under a barrage of enemy fire whilst grappling with night vision. In the final showdown, Will and Kirsten must bring together all the skills they've learned during their intense training regime. There can only be one winner - is it Will or Kirsten?
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23 februari 2010, 00:00
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