Temptation Island

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Seizoen 3, Aflevering 5

Episode 305

After the last bonfire, the girls went back to their resort and discussed the clips. Melissa was especially troubled about Michael's video. After discussing, the girls needed a release and joined the boys at the pool. The single guys were waiting and ready to cheer the girls up. Kristin thought Melissa might be retaliating for what she saw at bonfire by getting closer with Jerome. They spent the whole night together. Meanwhile, Jeff and Stephanie went off together to look at the stars and they had an immediate bond as well. Their romance appeared to be maturing.After the guys bonfire, Michael told Jason that one of the single girls was telling the camera things about Jason that wasn't true regarding his girlfriend. As a result, at dinner, Jason stood up and yelled at Sandra for saying things about Jason.Everyone at the table was in shock when he called her out and they all went silent for the remainder of dinner.The next day at Palmetto Jeff talked to Kristin about his feelings with Ka
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Temptation Island