Temptation Island

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Seizoen 3, Aflevering 3

Episode 303

After the last bonfire, the Couples began opening up more to the Singles on both sides of the island. The guys reminisced about what they saw. Anthony in particular was upset about Stephanie being close to Derrick. Jason remarked about seeing Kara with Jeff. He said he was frustrated but he felt like it was a chance for a new start. The Couple Guys were allowed to choose their dates this time and Michael chose Sandra. They went out on a boat and had great conversations and really seemed to hit it off. There was a lot of flirtation and sexual innuendo. Anthony chose Ida on his date. They went canopying through the jungle and had an incredible time flying through the trees. Anthony and Ida then went on a picnic and seemed to have a really nice time. Anthony said it was one of the best dates he had ever been on. Eric chose Amy for his date. They went out on a boat as well, but we don't see much as they both exclaim their mutual attraction for one another. Jason took Erryn on his date. Jas
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11 september 2003, 00:00
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Temptation Island