Temptation Island

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Seizoen 2, Aflevering 4

Episode 204

The show opens in the morning at Tango Mar. Genevieve explains that she came to Temptation Island because she wanted to test her relationship and see what it was like to be single. In a sense she thinks that she was sabotaging her relationship with Tony. She concedes that it was not Tony's idea to come to the island. Genevieve writes in her journal. She reads a passage from it explaining how she misses Tony and how it felt good to be jealous when she saw the bonfire videotape of him holding hands with Donna. Genevieve says she enjoyed her time here, but has learned quickly that she wants Tony back. The next day is a vote-off at Tango Mar. Mark explains that the coupled women must vote off a single guy. The girls huddle up and Nikkole says that she wants Jeff voted off. Catherine agrees, but Shannon and Genevieve refuse. Genevieve counters that none of the girls have connected with Juleby, so he must be voted off. Mark asks the girls to deliver the message. Nikkole points at Shannon, fo
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Temptation Island