So Weird

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Seizoen 3, Aflevering 4

Eddie's Desk

Annie and the gang are still in Hope Springs. While down in the school basement, Annie sees a wavery figure sitting in a desk and it runs up to the surface. Annie doesn't know where it went and is question Jack about it. Clu comes home for a visit from college. The second time Annie goes looking for the ghost, aka Eddie B. Johnson, aka, a Doppelganger of the janitor, and meets the janitor and questions him. Up above, two girls are talking about a boy who is picked on a lot named Adam. The wavery figure defends the boy by making a very sticky and stretchy substance pour out of the locker and onto the girls back (my favorite part). Clu goes to the front office to find out the full name of this 'Eddie' that Annie had been talking about. Adam is again picked on in the lunchroom by an older boy, but Eddie dims the lights and throws food at him, causing him to go away. Annie goes to the Janitor, now knowing who he is, and says that she talked to the school principal in getting his d
Tegan Moss
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21 september 2000, 00:00
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