Silent Witness

8.2 / 10
60 min
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Seizoen 11, Aflevering 3

Suffer the Children (1)

When the mutilated body of a young black boy was pulled out of the River Lea, Leo found himself becoming obsessed with his mission to track down the boy’s identity. In order to do so he first had to piece together the story behind the boy’s death. Was this Muti, Kindoki or the cold blooded work of a paedophile? The police were no closer to finding out what happened when a second body was pulled from the river, so Leo decided to make his own enquiries. This lead him to a West African church nearby. There, Leo saw an exorcism of a young boy who was Kindoki – possessed. The Pastor, Funmi Lambo, insisted there was no violence in his church, and that far worse would happen to the boy if he were taken to Africa for exorcism. On leaving work that night, Leo found a chilling message left for him on his car, a warning to stay away.
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Brendan Maher
Uitgezonden op:
3 september 2007, 21:00
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