Side Order of Life

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When Pigs Fly

An article about an allegedly heroic pig (who keeps sending her text messages) leads Jenny to an undocumented Haitian obstetrician who serves as his remote rural community's midwife, and she helps him acquire the paperwork he needs to remain in the States. Vivy discovers her oncologist is battling a rare and usually fatal form of leukemia and promises to help her plan her estate and manage it after her death. At Vivy's urging, Jenny agrees to accept a date from the next person who asks, and it turns out to be her neighbor's 80-year-old father (Paul Dooley), whose life she saves when he suffers a coronary attack during their evening out. He subsequently tells her he can't see her anymore because she's unable to give him the serious relationship he wants.
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Margaret Nagle
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9 september 2007, 00:00
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