SGU Stargate Universe

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Seizoen 2, Aflevering 20


Eli and Rush have found a way to identify the location of drone mother ships using the Destiny's long range sensors. The bad news is that the Drones seems to be awaiting them at every possible stop along Destiny's path. They find a temporary solution to neutralize the mother ships but realize that they cannot engage in a major battle every time they need to re-supply. Eli suggest that they use the stasis pods for the crew and jump to the next galaxy, a trip that will take three years. All goes well until they realize that one of the pods has been damaged and one person will have to stay behind in the hopes of fixing the unit in the short time available or die.
Peter Kelamis(Adam Brody), Patrick Gilmore(Dr. Dale Volker), Jennifer Spence(Dr. Lisa Park), Lou Diamond Phillips(David Telford), Julia Benson(Vanessa James), Ming-Na Wen(Camille Wray), Anna Galvin(Mrs. Armstrong), Mike Dopud(Varro), Glynis Davies(Maryann Wallace), Vincent Gale(Morrison), Sarah Smyth(Annie Balic)
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9 mei 2011, 00:00
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