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Actie, Fantasy, Avontuur, Komedie, Animatie
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Seizoen 4, Aflevering 25

The Thing That Should Be Protected ~truth~

Gojyo and Goku leap clear of the rockslide; Gato is buried, but pushes free, and is healed (with much unnerving crunching and popping of mended bone) for the nteenth time by Hazel. H,G&G admit to each other that this is just a bit daunting, but they defiantly gather their strength and prepare to charge Gato. Hazel calls down to Gat that they're running low on souls, so Gat had better finish the ikkou off this time--that should be easy, he mockingly adds, just see how beat-up they are. The big native draws and charges, but the indomitable four pour it on and give him a fierce fight. Hazel, who'd thought them on the verge of death, watches in wide-eyed amazement--and then looks up to see Goku descending on his mesa from midair, nyoi-bo swung back and aimed at his skull! Gato leaps up to tackle Hazel clear of the blow [[it really is cool that they found this lunar-gravity valley to fight in, isn't it?]] intercepting Goku's shattering blow himself and requiring another healing--which drains Hazel's pendant. He's in complete disbelief: how can the ikkou just shrug off the battering and rounds of gunshots they've taken? These people might be invincible, says Gat quietly. That's absurd, snaps the bishop; we'll just retreat and replenish our soul supply-- --but Gato says "No, I won't do that." Hazel is so stunned that his mouth literally drops open. His faithful Gato, disobeying him? --My journey ends here, the big man says calmly. What are you saying? Hazel protests, I'm out of souls! if you disobey me you'll die! But Gat smiles and says, "I'm already dead." And he leaps down from the mesa [[yeah, just like that]] and cocks both pistols for another run at the ikkou. Hakkai says he's got a bad feeling about this; Gojyo says "let's finish him fast and get outta here." Goku charges, and the battle is again joined, while Hazel looks on in bewildered anger: why is Gat disobeying him, why? Battered on all sides by the ikkou, Gato is on the ropes--and a huge echoing vo
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Shuuichi Hirokawa
Uitgezonden op:
16 september 2004, 00:00
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