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Seizoen 4, Aflevering 20

Fissure ~misunderstanding~

After the flashback: Hazel is still standing in the courtyard when Gat walks out, asking him if Sanzo has gone. Instead of replying, Hazel asks Gat "you always follow my orders, don't you?" == At the breakfast table: Gojyo and Goku quarrel over who stole whose manjuu, and Hakkai attempts to make peace by giving Goku some of his. Gojyo says Hakkai (who's yet again feeding a tidbit to Hakuryu on his shoulder) will regret it if he makes a habit of always feeding Goku when he complains; the saru is outraged...but Sanzo, smoking, is lost in thought. Shut up, he abruptly growls; he stubs out his cigarette and heads for the door. Are you finished? asks Hakkai in surprise; yeah, replies Sanzo curtly, and he leaves. --Silence falls over the table, all three faces full of trouble and distress; plainly, everyone is remembering that overheard conversation from last night. Gojyo offers the plate of meat buns to Goku, wearily saying he can have them, but Goku doesn't want any. In their room: Hazel tells Lirin that he's planning to play a fun game with Sanzo-han today, would she like to tag along? Is it really fun? she asks uncertainly, and he reminds her that she'd said she was after the Maten Sutra; well, if she'll help them out, he'll help her get the sutra. Yay!--She's all for it, and charges out the door. Hazel smiles; Gat watches impassively. Hazel puts his hat on and heads for the door, pausing to ask Gat if he's ready. Hazel, the big native begins, do you really-- and Hazel cuts him off, ordering him not to say another word. We hear Hakkai sweetly thanking the inn staff for their hospitality as the ikkou heads out. Gojyo glances back, sees that the HT aren't on their heels and urges Hakkai to pick up speed --"let's not lose a chance to put some distance between us". Hakkai agrees. Goku worries about Lirin, and Gojyo assures him she probably just chowed down, had a nap and went on her way. Sanzo is still looking deep in thought...Goku grumbles that that idea makes him
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Chiaki Kon
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13 augustus 2004, 00:00
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