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Seizoen 4, Aflevering 14

The Whereabouts of the Miracle ~pilgrim~

After a quick recap of the previous episode: the ikkou opine that Hazel's stated intention is rather a tall order, and Hakkai says "there's more to you than meets the eye". Same for you gents, says the Bishop, it was fascinatin' to watch you take out those demons. They're not sure they're flattered, but as Goku is trying to reckon out how Gat is still standing after all the damage he took in the battle, Hazel suggests they all go to breakfast, which of course grabs the saru's attention at once. Goku and Gojyo have never seen anyone say grace before a meal before, but they wait in polite puzzlement until Hazel is through and then pitch in, amusing him with their typical squabbling. So, you're from a land to the West? asks Sanzo, and Hazel explains that they heard of demon trouble here that seemed to necessitate his help. Gojyo wisecracks that he ought to have his own TV series.==Goku asks why Gat isn't eating, and Hazel replies that he doesn't need to. Hakkai adds that Gato took some severe wounds in the battle, but Hazel replies easily, "but you saw me heal him, didn't you?" He explains that he has a unique power to raise the dead by transferring new souls into them. Then Gato is dead? asks Hakkai. Not at all, says Hazel; didn't I say I brought him back to life? he's not a dead man, merely a livin' man who has died once. "Then the innkeeper--" says Hakkai, and Hazel confirms that he too was raised by the gift of a replaced soul. --The soul of a defeated youkai, adds Sanzo pointedly. There's a moment's silence as this sinks in, and then Goku laughs and says that's so cool, and asks if Hazel could resurrect this grilled shrimp. Gojyo brags that their leader has a cool power too, but Sanzo grates that he wouldn't waste his time demonstrating it, and draws down on Gojyo to underline it. Hazel, gazing out the window, says that whether or not Sanzo shoots Gojyo, all demons will be wiped out eventually, and that by his lights, even a hundred demons aren't worth one hum
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