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45 min
Drama, Miniserie, Kinder
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A man arrives at a petrol station and makes a phone call there. He seems agitated and wants to meet someone. In the meantime Reinier Quarles van Ispen stops at the same petrol station to fill up his car. After the phone call, the man tries to continue his journey, but his car won't start. He gets a lift from Reinier. During breakfast, the family Quant, who just arrived in the area, receive a phone call. A colleague of Ingmar has got the mumps and he has to take over the ad-campaign for a new soft drink: Poeff. A simple assignment, which will only cost him one day! In the woods a Mercedes stops and a man with a hooked nose and yellow eyes steps out and seems to wait for something or someone. Wilbur Quant also rides through the woods on his horse and meets Aristides Quarles van Ispen by accident. They immediately become friends. Aristides is a keen photographer. Aristides suddenly sees a woodpecker in a tree further on and wants to take a picture, but he has to steady his camera on something first. In the end they decide that Wilbur will make the photo, standing on Aristides his hands and leaning against a tree. Aristides looses his balance and grip and they both fall. Wilbur accidentally takes a picture during his fall. At home they develop this picture just to see what's on it. To their astonishment they vaguely see a dead or unconscious man being dragged away. When they show the picture to Aristides his grandfather, Reinier, he recognizes the man. It's the same man he gave a lift to earlier that day and didn't say a word the whole way
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5 oktober 1974, 00:00
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