Now and Again

45 min
Sciencefiction, Komedie
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Pulp Turkey

It's Thanksgiving and Morris is taking Michael with him to his sister's for the day, Lisa and Heather are having their normal celebration meal and Roger has to go to the museum to see about the insurance of an important Russian artifact. Without an appraiser with him he tells the curator that there is nothing he can do until after the holiday. This is not good enough though and in a blink of an eye Roger finds himself having a suitcase, containing the item, handcuffed to his wrist. He now has the responsibility of safeguarding the item for the day! When he leaves the museum he goes and visits Lisa and Heather, unknowingly bringing to men who are trying to steal the item along with him.
Brian TarantinaRonald GuttmanMark MargolisAlbert MakhtsierEric LaRay HarveyEdward FursLola Pashalinski
Harry Winer
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19 november 1999, 00:00
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