Married... with Children

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The E! True Hollywood Story

This version of E! True Hollywood Story reflects on the rebald sitcom "Married...With Children". Interviewed are the creators Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye who talk about how they worried about pushing the envelope and how the network Fox had just been created in 1986 and how two different people originally received the roles for Kelly and Bud but they didn't work out so they got Christina Applegate and David Faustino. Also discussed is the episode where Steve and Al hunt for a bra for Peg and a whiny female viewer of the episode was offended. Also discussed was the episode "I'll See You in Court" that was not allowed to air because of it's explicit content. The cast is also interviewed, and recall how they were oblivious to the fact that Married...With Children was cancelled in 1997 and they discuss a final episode they would've liked to do.
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26 augustus 2001, 00:00
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