Gran Hotel

8.3 / 10
75 min
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Seizoen 3, Aflevering 22


With Cisneros fleeing, and Diego sick with cholera, Julio and Alicia are free to leave the hotel once and for all and start living a life together that until now has been denied. But the dying Diego makes Alicia a proposal that can cause everything to change ... And do it forever. The disease is not Diego's only problem. Cisneros has escaped and is cornered by the police, but he will not hesitate to try to take his revenge against his enemy in any way. Meanwhile, Bethlehem meets again with Bazán to prevent him from discovering his attempt to kill Andres. The reunion between the two will have unexpected and definitive consequences. On the other hand, Diego's disease has infected more hotel workers. Angela fears an epidemic and uses her new position to try to convince Mrs. Teresa and Alfredo that it is best to close the hotel. Refusals to listen to the advice of the governor will endanger not only the sick, but the entire Grand Hotel.
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